Thursday, January 25, 2007


I work with a nice young man who's name is Tuan, I always just thought of him a Asian, not really thinking of which part of Asia he would be from. He told me a few weeks ago that he was going to be spot lighted in our monthly news letter. I thought to myself that I needed to read that, because I thought it would be interesting. Well, I just had no idea how interesting it would be. Come to find out, Tuan is from Viet Nam. At the age of 9 years old he fled the county, only to be caught and put in a prison camp, he was never hurt physically, but mental interrogation, he told me that they would throw a large gun on the table while they were interrogating him. He did finally get out of there, and was allowed to come to America. He lived with his uncle until he was 19, that is when his parents came to America. I guess the one thing I got out of his story is that I have taken my freedom for granted. I just can't imagine myself surviving what Tuan had to go through. He is a remarkable young man. I wish all of you could meet him. He just became an American Citizen. Isn't that a great story. Please appreciate your freedom.

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Heather said...

Hey Mom! That is an amazing story. Remember you and I talked about him when you were here. You were thinking of someone to hook him up with. Hopefully some day when I'm in Florida I'll get to meet him.